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As your air conditioner and furnace age, you may find that calls for service and repair are occurring more and more frequently and those repair costs may become cost prohibitive. Even your ductwork can deteriorate through time, causing additional stress on your system’s efficiency. 


When this occurs, it's time to consider replacing your system with a new, more efficient one.      


While Archie’s Heating and Cooling provides services and repairs on all makes and models, when it’s time to replace your old heating and cooling unit, we proudly recommend the high efficiency systems from Rheem. These new Rheem Heating and Cooling Systems are designed to operate smoothly and efficiently, providing years of comfort for you and your family. Our Comfort Specialists can calculate your energy usage and then determine the correct Rheem system for your size home. You’ll get professional installation and courteous service. 


The result is maximum energy efficiency and lower monthly energy bills. 

For more information about Rheem heating and cooling systems, contact the Comfort Specialists at Archie’s Heating and Cooling or click on the button below.

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